Summer Wardrobe Staples | Wishlist

I'm sitting in my apartment with the air conditioner blasting, tissues close at hand (woohoo allergies!), and Radiation City's Animals in the Median playing — which is a perfect summer album, in my opinion (listen to 5 tracks from it below). Summer is here to stay, much to my disappointment. I can barely stand the dry heat in Boise already. That just means we are a little bit closer to Fall and being able to wear layers again though, right? I'm trying to stay optimistic about these long hot months ahead by day dreaming of new pieces to add to my summer wardrobe. I've been all about fun but classic patterns, lightweight materials, and pops of bright colors lately. I tried on the first top at Anthropologie the other day and about died because it is so cute and fits so well but is so out of my price range.


1. Antala Peplum Top | Anthropolgie

2. Two-Note Floppy Hat | Anthropologie

3. Rosae Tank | Anthropologie

4. Tow Ropes and Dreams One-Piece Swimsuit | Modcloth

5. Bisou Heart Sunglasses | Urban Outfitters

6. Easy Pleat Lacy Short | Free People

7. Circle-Skirt Dress | H&M

8. Little Closer Wedge in Off White | Modcloth

Is there anything else I should add to my wishlist? What will you be wearing all summer?

Enjoy some summery songs below!

xx Emorie