Adventures and Roses iPhone Backgrounds | Free Download

I've been really craving an escape to the mountains and/or woods like mad. I'll just have to keep wanting for a bit — we won't have the opportunity to go off on a camping trip until later this summer. I'm trying to remind myself that there are still plenty of escapes and simple adventures near me. I am so lucky to live in a beautiful city like Boise, where the outdoors and indoors tend to bleed into one another more often than not. I created this little reminder for my phone using a phrase I have hanging in my home and using images taken on in-town or just-up-the-hill adventures. I love the summery, escapist result.


Please feel free to use any of the of the images above to give your phone a fresh and colorful new look. Just view my blog on your phone, then click the image above you want to use to view a higher resolution. Then, hold down on the image, select save image, and find it in your camera roll from there. You know the drill :)

What are some adventures you enjoy without leaving town?

xx Emorie

This download is free for personal use only. It may not be used for commercial or promotional purposes without my written consent. Credit me if you share it elsewhere. Thank you.