Frequently Asked Questions: All the answers in one place.



+ What's included in your web design package?

All web design projects receive a custom proposal, following email communication, specifically tailored to your project and needs. We do not offer fixed, flat rate packages for projects. Providing a customized proposal allows us to walk you through our design process, and to break down how your budget is allocated. Understanding your needs up front leads to better solutions in the long run.

All projects generally include an identity design component (creating a suite of logo marks and system of fonts for your brand, among other elements), website design — which includes mobile responsive website design, and a suite of collateral. Small design details, such as graphic elements for the website (favicon, etc.) are generally all included in the proposal. If you have a question on whether a specific feature is included, just ask!

+ What happens when I become a client?

When you become a client, you’ll receive a Client Contract followed by an invoice for your deposit. You'll then receive access to a client portal, which will house all resources and homework to help kick off your project. We'll also have a private Project Page set up just for you on our website, to walk you through every step of the design process and give you access to all the downloadable content for your project (even after your project ends).

+ How do I get on your design calendar?

If we decide your project is a good fit for our studio, clients are accepted on a first come, first serve basis. You’ll need to submit your deposit in order to secure your place on the design calendar. Because of our size, we only work on a small number of projects per year, and the number of projects we are able to accommodate, at any given time, may vary.

A word of advice: when you submit an inquiry, please provide as much detail as possible about your project. This may help expedite your intake time and help us determine if EKD will be a good fit for you. Please Note: Submitting an inquiry does not automatically secure your place on any waitlists.

+ What can I expect my project to cost?

The cost of a project can vary greatly, and is determined based on your specific design needs, the nature of your website, the size of the build, and more. For a general range though, most of our websites start at an average rate of $2k. The total cost can scale up from there based on the level of customization you're needing and/or due to the number of unique elements that are being created. The size and scope of the identity design (ie. are we creating one logo, or three?) can also impact the overall cost. Our rates reflect the amount of time, customization, and personal attention we give our clients.

+ What are your payment terms? When will I be billed?

Your proposal and Client Contract will discuss payment terms in detail, and we’ll always let you know when you’re payments are due. You will be sent invoices via email. Typically, all projects are billed in three increments: with a 25% deposit due at the time of contract signing, 25% due when website building begins, and the final 50% due when the website goes live. For all projects, you will need to submit a deposit in order to hold your place in our design calendar.

+ How do you accept payments?

All invoices are sent digitally via 17Hats, which allows you to pay with the debit or credit card of your choice.


Our services:

+ What can I expect once my project begins?

Prior to your official project start date, you’ll receive access to your client portal. Within the portal will be a series of homework assignments for you, one of which is completing an extensive questionnaire about your business, visual inspiration, how you like to work and create content, and more. If desired, we’ll also set up an additional time to meet or set up a call to go over your questionnaire.

You'll also have access to a private Project Page, here on this website, which will walk you through every step of the design process. This will also be where we house all files related to your design to download (logos, fonts, etc.), which you'll have access to even after your project ends.

Custom website projects kick off with a project moodboard and a suite of logos. From there, we’ll revise your identity suite until it’s perfect, and begin work on designing your website. You'll have access to the test site the entire time, so you can see the website design unfold, and we'll walk you through all website concepts, so that will you get a realistic sense of how your site will function.

All projects include a set number of revisions. Once completed, we begin prepping your files for development. We’ll remain your partner throughout the entire process, inclusive of an exhaustive review of a test site, and final quality assurance checks once your site goes live. We are also available for ongoing retainer services, to help you manage your site and continue iterating on it as your content needs change.

In short: we’re invested in your business! Think of us a part of your team through out the design process!

+ What happens when my project is complete? What if I need additional graphic design work or website maintenance?

We offer a retainer services program for our clients called Continued Care. Packages are available in monthly or quarterly cycles. The program includes regular audits of your site, strategy conference calls, technical support, and minor updates. Minor updates for Continued Care clients can include things such as tweaking design features, adding new features, or designing custom items for specific projects (additional costs may incur, depending on the project).

If you’re a current or past client, please inquire about our Continued Care program for more information on pricing and service options!

+ Am I allowed to keep files you've designed for me for my own use?

Yes, you’ll own the rights to your brand art. For websites, we do ask that you keep a site credit on your site, as designed. Things like custom templates or graphics should not be re-sold or shared without written permission.

+ Do you take on smaller projects, like helping with just a logo design or creating graphics for my website?

Yes and no. Due to the nature of our typical projects and time constraints, we prefer not to take on à la carte projects — such as creating individual graphics or feature pieces for websites. However, if you’re in need of a full suite of collateral for your company (stationery, business cards, other marketing materials), we may decide to take on these brand identity projects, in some cases. If you are a previous or existing client interested in à la carte services, we are happy to assist you with these items!


What we build:

+ What platforms do you design for?

The vast majority of our web projects are built on Squarespace.

While we do not generally design for other platforms, we are able to assist you with migrating your site to Squarespace as part of your web design package.

Read some of our top opinions on why Squarespace is the best option out there, below. Still not sold? We do have experience with other platforms, such as Weebly, Blogger, etc., and may be willing to work with what you've got. But fair warning, we'll try to convince you otherwise!

+ I want to move my site to Squarespace but am currently on another platform. Can you migrate me?

If you are a client, yes, a migration is included as part of your project. We are able to migrate from Blogger, Wordpress, Weebly, and more.

+ Why Squarespace? What about other platforms? Aren't there free options?

Things are rarely as free as they first appear. Once you add in costs for hosting, domains, themes, apps, plugins, custom domains, and removing third-party ads, you’re looking at a price significantly higher than “free.” An advantage to using Squarespace is the ability to package domains, hosting, customer support, and continued improvements into a single monthly or annual payment.

Squarespace is a self-contained platform that works seamlessly and is fully managed from top to bottom. This means there’s never any need to update software, plugins, or widgets; patch security vulnerabilities; or worry that changing one component might break something else. It also means there’s rarely any need to investigate or pay for third-party apps or plugins since most functionality is native to Squarespace.

Every Squarespace website is equipped with all the elements needed for a strong SEO strategy. Site descriptions, page titles, custom URLs, search- friendly formatting, and other key elements are all easily managed. Furthermore, there is an automatically generated built-in sitemap that helps Google to crawl, understand, and ultimately, rank a website.

Most importantly, Squarespace was designed with the do-it-yourself user in mind. That means long after our project is successfully complete, it will be relatively easy for you to maintain and update your websites on your own. If needed, we can sit down together or conference call, and in a matter of hours we can teach you the ins-and-outs to maintain your website. You’ll leave feeling confident and right at home with your website.