Goals for June

June, June, June, how are we here already? Summer sure seems to be here in full force and I am definitely feeling it. My allergies and the heat have been keeping me indoors more often than not lately; I'm really missing how often and long I use to be out hiking. We took the camera and Pippin out for an adventure, despite it all, yesterday and June welcomed me with a nasty sunburn. My poor shoulders are relaxing and recuperating in the AC today.


May was a great month for me. Spring stuck around a little longer than usual, Will and I celebrated three years together, and I got a job! I was a little sad to let May go, especially since it means those dreaded long, hot summer months are ahead. But so many things are looking up for me, I can't help but be excited for what's to come!


+ I've been talking a lot about changes that are going to take place on this blog, and you probably still have no idea what I mean (or have started to ignore me, haha). But, it's really really coming soon! I promise! I've been holding off on updates here because it's not worth the effort right now — because this blog will be moving completely within a month or two! Along with moving to a new domain (my own domain! finally!), I'll no longer be using blogger, this blog will have a new name, and everything will be completely rebranded and redesigned! There are going to be so many changes and I'm going to do it all at once and it's a little overwhelming that I'm talking in run-on-sentence but I'm so excited!

+ P.S. If you're wanting an update to your own blog, I'm offering super awesome discounted design services all summer long to Blogger users. I'll be offering services on more platforms soon, too. Check out those services and rates here.

+ After months of job hunting, there is nothing quite like finally finding one to really boost your mood! I got a job at Boise's Anthropologie, recently, and it still feels a little unreal. I've only had one day of training so far, but I can't wait to get working! My main goals for this month naturally revolve around my new job: getting more comfortable with the store and job, becoming as familiar as possible with merchandise, getting to know all my awesome new coworkers, and establishing a new routine that involves work every week!

+ Having a more steady form of income of my own again will be glorious. You have no idea how long it has been since I have bought something for myself, especially clothes. I need to go through my wardrobe at some point and get rid of the pieces I've been hanging onto even though they are falling apart. I desperately need to restock my basics, like t-shirts and jeans. Not a high priority goal, but I'd like to have a fresh, easy, classic wardrobe for work for the summer.

+ It's really really hot outside already. Did I mention that yet? At least I think so. Hiking during the day now is a rather unbearable, but I'd still like to remain as active as possible. I'll be biking or walking to work, but I'd love to do some workouts inside — in the air conditioning. I'll probably pick up pilates and yoga a few times a week but what I'd really like to do is lift a bit again. I miss my biceps. I think one day of upper-body and one day of lower-body training a week will be totally doable.

How is June treating you so far? Are you happy for summer (weirdo)?

xx Emorie