Snippets: Long Weekend

As we were driving home late Monday night — after squeezing in some quick grocery shopping — I rolled my window down, letting the cooling summer air wash over me. Pippin immediately hopped on my lap to stick his head out and I leaned over to Will and said, "Goodness, doing things is exhausting." He laughed, but agreed. I know I've said it before: we are homebodies. Most weekends are spent relaxing at home in each other's company, with some hiking and errands tossed in there for good measure. Weekends like this past one are few and far between, but I still enjoy them. But boy, this introvert is still feeling a bit of weekend hangover (yes, that's a thing) from all the activity.


Friday morning I had a second interview at an awesome store, which I had a week to prepare for — so, you know, plenty of time to feel anxious about it (but, hey, I got the job!). I felt pretty drained after and spent Friday night simply at home with my boys. Saturday morning we walked downtown to the farmer's market and met my mom. There, we had pizza for breakfast and bought some yummy Cafe de Paris bread for later. We walked home after, casually and slowly wandering the north end and scoping out some yard sales. We sure love this neighborhood. Sunday we had a taco picnic in the park, had a photo adventure of sorts, walked along the river a bunch, and took too many pictures of the pretty blooms is the rose garden as the sun set. Monday we drove out to Nampa to visit with Will's family before his parents left for a long trip down to Colorado. We left late in the afternoon and drove straight to a barbecue with my mom, sister and brother-in-law. Then, the whole weekend was finished with some quick errands.

Writing that all just made me tired, haha. I definitely spent yesterday recuperating, and I may have "impulsively" decided to cut off all my hair. Yep, it is all gone. I just needed something light and easy for summer — it's way too hot already!

I hope your long weekend was as lovely,

xx Emorie