Storm Chaser

Maybe I watched Twister too much as a child, because in my mind there is quite a bit of romanticism behind storms and chasing them. 


Nothing beats sitting out with a view of the valley and watching big thunderstorms roll in. I'm definitely the type to drop everything I'm doing — and make those around me do the same — to run out and get a better view of a sudden storm. This was just the case Wednesday afternoon, when huge storm clouds crept in from behind the mountains (the opposite way storms usually build in this town). I proposed we take Pippin for a quick walk in the hills before the rain hit, with the full intention of seeing this storm in all its glory. And boy, did we happen to time it perfectly. The moment we got to the top of the ridge the thunder had begun to build and the storm hovered just beyond us. It only started to pour as we made our way back down again; we only got muddy and soaked a little bit :) but that's what bathtubs are for, right?

Hope you're enjoying your long weekend!

xx Emorie