Summer Hair & New Things

My life seems to be full of many changes at the moment. I've been feeling a bit exhausted adjusting to a new schedule — while trying to keep at (and add in more) things I enjoy — but also feeling very happy. A new job, a new site to launch soon, and a new season, why not throw in a new look too! To be fair, I've been wanting to cut my hair into a pixie again since cutting off the length last fall, but something seemed to be holding me back. After this last long weekend, with summer like temperatures, I finally felt it was time to get out my scissors again.


This cut took me four hours to do — and I had to wait for Will to get back home from work to finish — as it is a bit difficult to check the back for uniformity on your own (especially when you're blind in one eye). When I started cutting, I wasn't sure how short I wanted to go. I just cut slowly, judging and deciding as I went until I reached a length I was happy with. I still think this is a little long, by my standards at least, and after wearing it for 3 days now I'm considering trimming it (at least the sides) a bit more for easier styling. But I love it. And I loved it immediately. It feels very light, classic, and me. I think it will be the cut to wear all summer long.

What do you think? Have you ever cut off your hair for the summer? Do any of you cut your own hair too?

xx Emorie