Goals for May

May has been treating me beautifully so far. Is there any way we can invite it to stick around extra long? I'm sure there must be a way. April went by far too quickly for my liking but I am welcoming May gladly. I'm trying to hang on to these last little bits of Spring before summer really takes over full force. I've got so many things to look forward to this month, and quite a few goals to work on throughout, so let's jump right in and discuss them.



+ I'm sure by now you've noticed that I've been working on some exciting things! I'm still getting a few features done for her blog, but I've had so much fun designing for CJ. It makes me so happy to know how happy she is with the work I've done. It only makes me that much more excited to turn this passion for design into something more. Again, please check out the DESIGN page if you are at all interested in working with me. I'd love to have work scheduled out for the rest of the month, so spread the word for me! As I gather more experience working/designing for other people, I plan on streamlining the whole process further. I'm always actively discovering solutions for improvement, in every area/way possible, but especially work efficiency and time management.

+ I also have work for my own blog (this site, silly) to think about. I've had a rebrand/redesign in the works for months and months and months. And, oh boy, sometimes I feel like I'm just sitting with it until it feels right and the time feels right. Simply, I guess I still have a lot I haven't decided on. I love Oh Whimsical Me; this space feels authentically me but the title doesn't anymore. Things around here will still be relatively the same, it will all just look a little different and be under a new name. Eventually.

+ I mentioned last month that I was trying to remain optimistic on the job hunt frontier, but it was becoming rather difficult. That is the awful thing about looking for employment; not only is it a lot of work but you can't ever take a break. Sure, you feel frustrated, tired, hopeless, but you HAVE to keep looking. Because what if you miss that one shot? I obviously don't want to have to continue the search, but I continue whole-heartedly as best I can. I have a really really exciting interview next week! Wish me luck!

+ I'm still thinking of dying my hair bright red, but haven't discovered the guts to do it yet. I'll keep you updated. Because I know it's really important to you (sarcasm).

+ This Friday is my 3 year anniversary with Will. We never go all out with celebrating, but we usually head out camping for the weekend. Last year, we took a canoe trip, and it is still one of my favorite memories. That entire weekend was magical. I've only got two more days left to plan an awesome adventure; I better get started! Regardless, I am excited to have a weekend to ourselves to celebrate and get out of the house and escape in the woods.

Hope this month is treating you kindly so far,

xx Emorie