Recent Work: Design for Some Call Me CJ

There are some exciting things going on today! Do you remember the Reader Appreciation Giveaway I did about a month ago (to celebrate One Year of Oh Whimsical Me)? CJ from Some Call Me CJ won a free custom blog designed by me! We had so much fun working together and I think it was a learning experience for both of us. I know you've all noticed that "DESIGN" link in the pages on my navigation bar, that has linked to an adorable picture of Pippin for months. Some of you have even expressed interest in working with me on designing your blog. I've been working hard to get ready and comfortable before beginning to offer my services to you. CJ was happy and willing to be my guinea pig, as this is my first ever complete custom design for someone else! I'm excited to share the results with you today!



Most of the work that went into this project started before I was designing and creating. Getting all our ideas on the same page and understanding exactly what CJ wanted was the most time consuming part. I'll definitely streamline this step more in the future and ask my clients much more specific questions from the very beginning. Once we figured out what CJ wanted the rest was a breeze; it was still a lot of work, but mostly just getting approval and opinion here and there.

CJ wanted a geometric and colorful design, while still maintaining a really sleek and streamlined look. I originally tried triangles, but quickly discovered that was far too busy and distracting. A Hexagon/Honeycomb pattern was a much better option. And oh boy, she really isn't afraid of color and I love that. I went really bold and bright, which makes everything very cheery — just like CJ! No but really, this girl is a dream to work with (here is proof). Will kept overseeing our iMessages (I had up on the computer) and he kept saying "Wow, she has got to be the nicest, most excited person ever!" Which is pretty much true. The colors suit CJ wonderfully. Because she wanted to go so bold with the background, I colored the spaces between the hexagons a light tan to soften it a bit. I kept the main blog background bright white to contrast the liberal use of color and to keep the attention at the content of the blog.


Be sure to head over to Cj's blog to say hi and let her know what you think of the new design!

I'm also happy to announce that I am now offering design services! Click that "DESIGN" link up on the Navigation Bar to see the  Design Services page. For a limited time, you can get a complete custom Blogger design (including installation) starting at only $50. Reserve your spot now! You can read more about what a complete custom design from me includes here.

Happy Monday!

xx Emorie