Aaron & Daisy: Playing Photographer (Again)

Aaron, my younger brother, and his lovely lady Daisy recently celebrated their 1 year anniversary and asked me to take some pictures of them together to celebrate. I also took some pictures for them in the Fall, when they were celebrating 6 months together. You can see those here. I, obviously, happily oblige whenever they ask me to shoot for them; they're so freakin' photogenic, adorable together, and a joy to be around.


We've tried to get together for the past two weeks to do these but the weather was not on our side. Every day that the two of them had off and that also worked for me was always incredibly rainy/stormy. But thanks rain, for causing us to hold out for awhile, because you made everything so green and beautiful. Plus, all the grasses around here grew an extra foot (I swear!) recently, and it was the perfect backdrop and just the scenery Daisy was wanting. Win win! It was terribly bright out and windy (were talking over 20mph), but we made it work!

I also love shooting for these two because it gives me an excuse to play around with Daisy's camera for a few hours. Yes, please. Sadly, her battery died halfway through, though, and I ended up finishing our time together with my iPhone. Thanks phone, you're handy. The last 5 pictures I showed you here were taken on my iPhone.

BUT GUESS WHAT GUYS!? I have a feeling I'll being doing quite a few more shoots like this soon, and lots and lots of photo-adventuring, because a pretty Canon Rebel T3i is heading my way right now! I am incredibly lucky and grateful to have won the giveaway by Latrina from Of Trees and Hues. I about died from excitement when I found out; I never expected to win! I'm so incredibly happy that I'll have a DSLR of my own. I can't wait to share even more pictures with you and continue to improve my photography. I'll probably do an unboxing, because I'm cheesy like that. Then I'll probably hug the camera and cry like a baby. Then it will be attached to my body for months; get ready.

Anyway, holy tangent there. These two are adorable and I'm so happy they keep choosing me to capture little snippets of their love for each other.

xx Emorie