Clear Your Mind

The stress level over here lately has been a little unreal. Thing after thing after thing keeps coming up on top of some other things that we were already having to deal with. How is that for vague? I know that these changes, while very stressful (and some of them unwanted), will be worth it in the end. I have complete hope and optimism about the future and where we will be once we make it through this next little while. It's just a bit difficult to remind yourself of these truths while experiencing all the hardship and anxiety. So, we've been taking a lot of walks on the river and in the foothills lately. We ended our day of apartment searching today with a walk around Camel's Back park. And we hit it just as the sun was setting; surely one of the best ways to see this time of day in this city. It almost felt like spring. And, as I looked out at the city skyline and all the way out to the Owyhees in the distance, I was reminded of how lucky I am to call this place home. And to share it with the person I love. And that we'll get through this.

If you've contacted me recently, or I've been promising to email you (sorry Dus!), I am so so sorry. I'm just a little stretched thin. But, I will get back to you!

Trying to think happy thoughts,
xx Emorie