Junk Food Valentines | Free Printable

I couldn't think of a better Valentine than a puny junk food edition. And once I get started with puns, it's hard to stop. My idea list included much more junk food humor than this, but I decided to cut it down to my favorites to try to keep myself sane. 


I may or may not be eating a donut at the precise moment I am writing this, if that is any indication about my love for these particular four foods. Just the other day I was standing, eating a piece of pizza, but I set it down and scooted it aside so I could plop a big wet kiss on Will's face; because he was sitting near and looking particularly cute. He then said, "Aw, you like me better than pizza?! Wow, I'm so lucky." Yes, I do love you more than pizza. But yes, yes you are lucky, because I also really freaking love pizza. And, I mean, what better way is there to tell someone you love them than to imply that they are as delicious as your favorite junk foods? Yum.

To print and use these valentines for your personal use, simply download the file.


*This printable is free for personal use only. It may not be used for commercial or promotional purposes without my written consent. Credit me if you share it elsewhere. Thank you. *


I printed my valentines on grey printer paper (which is why the plate under the slice of pie didn't show up too well) and then cut and glued each one onto a colored piece of card stock. I plan on writing on the back and handing some of these out to my friends.

Let me know if you use them! And, enjoy :)

xx Emorie

P.s. Now all I want for Valentines Day is some homemade pizza. I'm easy.