DIY Valentine Inspiration

Valentine's Day, to me, is a perfect holiday to get crafty and make something sweet and special for someone you love. Or for yourself, because you deserve it. I was always that kid in elementary school with the handmade valentines, and boy, I went all out. I've always been a crafter. Showing a little love or appreciation, for those important people in your life, doesn't have to be expensive or complicated. Something made by hand will always hold more meaning anyway. Here are a few fun ideas I've gathered as inspiration to get you thinking/started.

1. Spruce up your place for the holiday, and add some color and life, by making some pretty floral letters — whether a monogram or a cute XO. Urbanic Paper's blog, Parcel Post, has the tutorial. If you wanted these to be fresh, just wet the floral foam first. But, if you'd rather this stick around and last long, just follow the instructions and use pretty silk flowers. I think this would be a lovely gift for a lady you're fond of. So pretty.

2. One of my favorite bloggers, Ella from Paper Umbrella recently shared a DIY tutorial for this darling gold glitter heart headband. Isn't it super adorable? The instructions look very simple; you probably have all the supplies sitting around in your craft things already. And, I think it would be the perfect addition to any Valentine's Day outfit. See the directions here.

3. Last year for Will's birthday, instead of a traditional birthday card, I made him this darling little booklet. I titled it then, 25 Reasons Why I Love You, because he was turning 25. You can customize it in anyway for your needs. I wish I had added printed pictures to mine, but I still love it (and he did too). Plus, it was really easy and fun to make.

4. I've been wanting to make a giant bouquet arrangement of painted flowers for myself ever since I saw this Hand Painted Flower Tree DIY from Oh Happy Day last year. I may make it first on my list of things to do once we settle in to a new place later this month. I think it would be perfect in an area for crafting. I think I'd be instantly happy every time I looked at it. Treat yourself and make one for yourself and spruce up a little corner of your home.

5. If it's still cold where you're at (and it's likely with all the snow I'm seeing on instagram), surprise and wow a friend with a handmade fleece ear warmer. Red or pink would make it perfect for a valentine. With a big pretty bow on the side, these are so cute and cozy warm. Not to mention, fast and simple to make. Promise.

6. Do you have a significant other? Give them a really meaningful handmade gift, like this mini Love Notes Photo Book that A Beautiful Mess shared. Get creative, choosing pictures that are meaningful and that coordinate with your notes of love. Emma added fabric to some sides of the pages, which I think was a really pretty, unique touch. This is such a lovely, little, sentimental gift you can both look back on years later.

7. These cute little pouches that Oh Joy! shared, by artist Roxy Marj are just darling. There isn't a DIY tutorial for them or anything but I think you could easily create something similar, with little effort and some cute fabric (perhaps, even, a heart pattern). Wouldn't a fabric envelope-style pouch make a cute unique way to package up a simple gift for a valentine? Not to mention, you (or your valentine) could reuse them!

Do you have any unique DIY valentine ideas? If so, share them with me below!

Happy valentines crafting!
xx Emorie