A Little Glimpse

I know I've been terribly quiet over here lately, and I will continue to be for the next week or so. Will and I both have a lot of changes happening all at once that require the majority of our attention. We will be taking a lot of risks — but we are also planning accordingly. And, happily, the majority of the stress that accompanies any time in life like this, has transformed into excitement, anticipation, and optimism for the future (and all that we can do with it).  I wanted to stop in here real quick, and give you a little glimpse into all that I have been up to.

+ I am typing this on my mattress, on the floor, and it is now the only thing left in our bedroom; well, except a few bags and boxes of other essentials. Our frame and box spring is already safely packed. You got to get that big stuff out of the way first, right? We've got a trailer parked out front that we have been grateful to be able to borrow, so we can take our time packing and moving.

+ We are finally signing the lease to our new place tomorrow (Monday) afternoon. We never anticipated that we would find a place that felt so perfect and met all our needs on the short notice we had to get a new place. We're really excited to get in there!

+ Moving day is officially Tuesday! I can't iterate enough how ready I am to be in this new space. Our new apartment is a light, bright, open place in a lovely, quant, and quiet community in the foothills. If you know the Boise area at all, it is just (like a few skips) northwest of Camel's Back Park. Like, there is a trailhead just outside our new front door. I can't wait for morning walks with Pippin in the foothills as the sunrises every morning. And if I ever want to watch the sunset over the city, it's just a quick jog up to the top of the hill. Can you read my excitement yet?!

+ I had an interview this morning and I'm feeling really good about it. I can rock a group interview like a pro. In fact, all the of the places I've worked (minus substituting at a daycare) I obtained from a group interview. My top tips for group interviews: 1) Sit right next to the interviewer. 2) Engage in conversation, don't just answer the questions asked to the whole group. 3) Bring up your own questions and concerns. Let the interviewer talk about their job/company, they'll love it. It will also get them to direct more attention your way. Direct eye contact is a must! Do it! 4) Sell yourself, more than anything. 5) Dominate the conversation (over the other people being interviewed, just don't be rude or interrupt anyone ever), and don't feel bad about it at all. 6) Also, random, if you are weird like me and perform well under pressure and nervous energy is your mojo, drink a big tall coffee right before. I swear that those caffeine shakes give me a power boost.

+ I am wearing this outfit today, because the place I was interviewing was pretty casual. And this outfit makes me feel really good about myself. Like, damn. Do you have an outfit that does that?

+ I have a feeling these next two days will go by so quickly, even though I feel the minutes dragging right now. Before I realize, it will Tuesday night and we'll be asleep in our new place.

+ I will be really sparse over here for quite awhile while everything settles out. But, believe me, I am so ready to be back on a normal schedule again. Especially here. I have so many ideas swarming around in this busy head, and quite a few projects planned. There will be so much to share soon!

Hope you are all well. Forgive my email neglect too, please.

xx Emorie