Texture Samples | The Foothills Near Our Home in Late February

Pictures taken on a hike early this morning, on the trail a few steps from our place. Living here still seems a bit unreal. I noted today, while walking through the hills, that this feels like a vacation. We are busy, our stuff is still all over the apartment, there are plenty of lists still to complete. But, despite it all, this place feels a little too good to be true. I can't believe that every time I have to take Pippin out, I can spend an extra 5 minutes and walk up the ridge with him to look over the city.  The way the sun lights up this place all day makes me giddy; especially the skylit over the stairs in the morning. There are hundreds of miles of trails for my backyard (I've been averaging 3 hikes a day so far). I've watched the sunset over Boise every night we've been in our new place and I don't plan on stopping. There is so much beauty and inspiration up here and I plan on enjoying it, soaking in it, and capturing it. Mental note to carry my phone (my only camera) with me everywhere.

Needless to say, we're settling into this place rather nicely. And, oh boy, are we happy.

xx Emorie