New Place Inspiration

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I'm living among boxes and messes and piles of things I need to do before Will and I make the move to a new apartment on Tuesday. It is such a dreamy, lovely place close to downtown Boise — right on the edge of the foothills. The restless nights I am having are being balanced out with daydreams of the new space. I'm excited to have a normal schedule again and to take morning hikes on the trails that will soon be right outside our front door. I'm ready for a fresh start in a cozy, bright place that will be much less stressful. I plan on taking the decorating and organizing of the new place rather slowly, as I have a lot of other things still on my plate. But, I can't help getting excited for something new! We've been living tight — we got rid of the majority of our things when we moved down here from Moscow a year and a half ago — so we'll be slowly accumulating basic things again, thrifting and garage sale-ing, and DIY-ing a lot.

For now, you can follow my new apartment board on pinterest, where I'm collecting ideas and inspiration.

xx Emorie