Winter Flashback

I've been missing Moscow's winters like crazy lately. We hardly see much snow here in the Boise valley, and the cold just isn't as fun with out magical fluffy powder to skip through. I've been day-dreaming, so often, of a long snowy walk through the arboretum and the countryside with a hot thermos in hand. Or a quick trip up Moscow Mountain for pine cone hunting (for our homemade Christmas garland of course). Above all, I miss our tiny little apartment in that beautiful old house that we called home. Watching the snow fall out the windows and bury the giant walnut tree. Taking the cushions off the couch for snuggles in front of the fire. Stringing everything with lights.

Boise, I like you, but you best believe I can't wait to live somewhere that dumps buckets of snow, again.

xx Emorie

P.s. Pictures were taken in January 2012, which seems like a whole world ago.