Goals for December

^ sugar cookie party, last year  ^

Why does this time of year always go by so quickly? It seems like just a few minutes ago I was writing down my November Goals. I've heard that as you get older the reason you seem to experience time more quickly is because time is relative. A year goes by much quicker for a 30 year old than for a 5 year old, because relatively that year is a a whole 1/5 of that child's life (versus 1/30 for the 30 year old). I'm convinced this same phenomenon exists independently within a year, too. I know one month is still 1/12 of the whole year, but the further into the year we are the faster the months seem to pass for me. Perhaps simply because it is closer to the end.

Maybe that's just me. Or maybe these months travel so quickly because I enjoy them the most. Summer, in comparison, always drags on far too long for my liking. I always want to savor this time of year, everything feels so special when it is coming to an end — especially while knowing that I get to start anew again if I want to. Yet it all still seems so strange when it is over.

I'm talking too soon! Perhaps I'll explore this topic a little more when the new year starts. But for now, there is still a whole month to celebrate and enjoy. And, it's the best one of the year (in my humble opinion)! This also means a whole new set of little personal goals to accomplish. I know it is already 5 days into the month (hey, it's been busy around here), but truthfully I almost didn't share a list this month because it is so similar to my list last month. Plus, I have so much going on, which is wonderful but I don't want to feel overloaded with extra work. Not sharing a list for the last and greatest month seems pretty silly, so here we are. We'll just keep things festive and simple, okay?

Goals for December                                

+ I'm putting in extra effort to attend all the fun festive events in town this year. Usually around this time of year (or all the time, let's be honest), you'll find Will or me saying "Oh, we should do the thing." And then we don't do the thing. I'm trying to change that. We already made it to the Tree Lighting, so we've got a clean track record so far. Next up, outdoor ice skating for my birthday and scheduling a time to go walk around Winter Garden aGlow. The Festival of Trees always has a shit ton of people, like, so many more than I am comfortable with, but maybe we'll stop by that too? Huge maybe.

+ Craft, craft, craft, craft, craft. I'm carryng this over from my November Goals because I'm sticking with tradition (so far) and making all my Christmas gifts again this year. And I still have a lot to get done. I really do enjoy putting in a little extra thought and time to make everyone a unique gift, though. But can we talk about how long it takes me to knit anything? Hello, carpel tunnel and arthritis — a winning combination, really.

+ Get a tree. Make ornaments. Cut out snowflakes (my favorite). Drink hot beverages. Maybe even drive up to the snow I can see from here? All those holiday things.

+ Get more sleep. Or better sleep. Will is out of work for the season and with both of us home with nowhere to be most mornings it has been easy to slip into a terrible sleep schedule. It doesn't help that the long dark hours throw everything off even further. And I have a pup who thinks nighttime in either a. super scary or b. the best time to get in those face licks he's been trying for all day or c. perfect playtime. I want to enjoy mornings again. Having a schedule is really important for my creativity, productivity, and sanity.

+ I'm also carrying over the goal of keeping my nails painted. I've been about 50/50 so far, painted or not. But for whatever reason, I really enjoy having them done up real simple, even if I hate the maintenance. I feel them to be an extra tiny boost of inspiration that I always have with me. Plus, I can still feel just a bit fancy even if I'm wearing leggings and a sweater for the third day in a row.

That's it; I told you, simple. What are you hoping to achieve/enjoy this month?
xx Emorie