December Wishlist: Birthday and Holiday

1. dress / 2. Ancillary / 3. Perv / 4. The Winds... / 5. top / 6. skirt / 7. studs / 8. shears / 9. leggings / 10. bag / 11. gloves / 12. booties

With both my birthday and Christmas just around the corner, I've been hearing that "What do you want?" question a lot. And also the question, "Don't you hate having your birthday so close to Christmas?" No. I don't. Let's set the record straight once and for all, I love it I love it I love it. And yes, I even loved it growing up. Having a birthday during the busy holiday season meant that my birthday was always celebrated a little more casually, which I was/am a fan of. I'm just a laid back kid, small parties or no parties to celebrate my birthday is perfect for me. Also, why wouldn't I want my birthday to fall during the most wonderful time of the year? I absolutely love the holiday season; everyone is so damn cheery. Having my birthday thrown in there, too, makes it is all the better. I'm lucky that my birthday falls nicely about halfway between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Just another reason to keep the celebration going.

So here is a little collection of things I wouldn't mind adding to my collection of things. I am actually in serious need of a new satchel (mine is coming to pieces) and a sturdy pair of gloves. The rest is mainly just things that have been on my wishlist for awhile (especially those books). Because there's nothing wrong with wishing, right?

xx Emorie