Wears (+ Will): Snow Days

My sister had asked me to take some pictures of her and her husband (and pup!) for their Christmas cards this year and we agreed on Saturday afternoon to get them done. Well, we really hit the jackpot because that winter storm came through and those two cuties had a lovely snowy backdrop for their family pictures for Christmas cards. And the blizzard dump let up just before we headed out for the photo adventure, although if you look closely, there were definitely still a few flurries floating around. Bee and Tyler live in the foothills near Hyde Park, so we walked around there for some pictures. When we were done, Bee was nice enough to also snap a few pictures of Will, Pippin, and me. If I was the sort to make and send out Christmas cards, I would definitely pick from this bunch; I love how they turned out, even if Pippin was much more interested in everyone walking by in the snow than having his picture taken. You can only ask so much of a pup in the cold.

Outfit Details
Dress: Böhme, two or three? years ago (similar / similar)
Sweater: Kohl's, daisy fuentes (similar)
Belt: Sierra Trading Post
Tights: Target
Socks: Old Navy, they're slipper socks! (different color)
Boots: ModCloth
Coat: Target (similar)

On Will
Shirt: Old Navy (similar)
Sweater: So old, I have no idea
Bow Tie: I made it!
Corduroys: JCPenney (similar)
Shoes: Macy's (similar)
Coat: JCPenney (similar)
Scarf: came with coat

I hope you are enjoying this holiday season as much as I am so far!
xx Emorie