Snippets: Cozy & Crafty

Life lately, according to iPhone pictures:

01 Pippin in the car / 02 Pippin & Scout in the snow / 03 hot cocoa in my pretty new mug / 04 poinsettias / 05 brushes for a project / 06 blue today / 07 sleepy Pippin / 08 little red / 09 crafting things / 10 family snuggles / 11 pups & me out back /

I think mother nature must have heard my pleas, because she sent quite the winter storm our way this weekend. Friday night and most of the day Saturday was spent watching the blizzardy snow fall. There may have also been a few adventures out into that white landscape, too. I felt like a little kid Saturday morning; I kept waking up all night in anticipation of being able to open the windows and see everything covered by snow. It is wonderful how instantly happy the sight of snow makes me; I spent the majority of the weekend with a big cheesy grin on. And it looks like it will stick for a little while, at least, because it is so frigid butt cold out there. Crossing my fingers that it stays around long enough to skip around in during my birthday celebrations/adventures later this week. The terrible cold also means that I've been spending most of my time indoors bundled up with our pups. And I'm still crafting away of course. I didn't want to share too many crafting pictures yet because I'll be sharing a few DIYs this week (and even more in the weeks to follow) and I don't want to overload you/give anything away. Just know that there is so much craftiness headed your way soon!

xx Emorie