DIY Gift Wrapping 5 Ways

In addition to making gifts every year to give out for Christmas, I really enjoy adding a handmade touch to my gift wrapping. Making your own gift wrapping is a great way to add even more of a personalized touch to your presents, as well as a way to save a little money during tho holiday season. I recieved a lot of compliments on my packaging last year, so I thought I'd share of few of my wrapping ideas from then on here. I kept these pretty simple so just about anyone can do these at home with supplies they probably already have. These are really basic ideas too, so if you like them feel free to try them out and make them your own! To start, you'll need some plain brown craft paper, or as I used here brown paper grocery bags (where did my roll of brown craft paper go?!).


Lay the gift down on the paper and cut out an area large enough to wrap the gift. Lay the paper down flat and stamp one side completely with a stamp. I used a holly berry stamp I have and a green ink pad, though any Christmasy stamp will do. You could also chose a simple geometric pattern, such as polka dots, squares, stars, or triangles. An ink pad or craft paint work well for this job. I like to make my pattern a bit random versus even and uniform. Let the stamped pattern dry and then wrap the present as usual.


A really simple way to dress up a gift is to add a shiny ornament to its packaging. Plus, then in so doing, you also add in another little gift right there on the front. Because who doesn't love getting more ornaments!? Simply tie some string or ribbon around your wrapped gift and secure tho ornament on to it. Add a bit of greenery too, for more dimension, if you like.


If you want to go for something really unique with your gift wrapping, why not add something as unique as a snowflake to the packaging? If you enjoy making paper snowflakes as much as I do, this option is really fun too. Cut out a snowflake using any color of craft paper (who says you can't have a neon snowflake!?) and secure it to the top of the present with tape and/or ribbon. If you're looking for snowflake inspiration, here are some pretty templates.


Between pine tree clippings, holly berries, poinsettia flowers, mistletoe, and pine cones etc, there are many options and combinations to choose from here. You can take fresh clippings from your own tree and seasonal plants or opt for the fake variety; no judgement it all is pretty. Create a small bunch that you like and tie it to the top of a present.


There are so many options for a handmade tag. For the one above, I simple sketched the design by hand on some craft paper and the cut out around it and tied it on with twine. If you aren't so comfortable with your on handwriting, considering printing out some fancy topography with your printer. For an even easier option, the lovely and talented Oana Befort just added a free printable for some pretty gift tags she designed (which I'll definitely be printing myself).

Enjoy this gift-giving season!
xx Emorie