Today is my birthday and I'm taking the day off to do fun things like go ice skating, walk around the art museum, eat lots of food, and skip around in the snow. I'm not really one to get too excited about my birthday, or celebrating it, but for some reason I've been really looking forward to it this time around. Maybe it's because the snow has stuck around long enough for pretty scenery today? I think it's just for me.

I put together, in advance, a little post so you can feel included in the celebrations a bit too? Or maybe just so you can learn pointless facts about me. That's always fun, right?


  1. Right now I am reading A Dance with Dragons. That's not anything interesting, but the fact that I'm being really silly and limiting myself to just two chapters a night, is. I know it's ridiculous; I'm dragging it out as long as possible. I don't want to finish too fast because the next book isn't out yet.
  2. I should probably just finish it though, because my reading list has been growing by crazy amounts lately thanks to my frequent listening of the podcast Sword and Laser. Give my all the Sci-Fi and Fantasy, please!
  3. I think my all time favorite Sci-Fi film is still Moon. I have a lot of favorites but that takes the cake. Perfect Film.
  4. I may celebrate my birthday a few times because THE HOBBIT THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG COMES OUT ON FRIDAY. I'm so excited. That's actually what I did for my birthday last year, saw The Hobbit. I have to stick to tradition, right? I'll probably hit up Denny's for their Hobbit menu after the movie, because yes I'm in to stuff like that.
  5. I love ice skating SO MUCH. It's what I'd ask to do every year on my birthday growing up. Luckily my mother was more creative than me and I had quite a variety of birthday celebrations over the years. Today is the first time I'll be skating at an outdoor rink, though. It's the major reason I wanted to go and one of the reasons I'm so excited for today. 
  6. Speaking of skating, I love all forms — this includes roller skating and roller blading. I have a secret fantasy of joining a roller derby. I think I may go thrifting for some roller blades and get good use of them down on the greenbelt when the weather is warmer.
  7. My absolute favorite food is Massaman Curry, with Tofu and veggies. 
  8. I am, without a doubt, a night owl. I just thrive better when the world is quieter, I think. That is also why I love winter (well one of the reasons), everything is so silent and still.
  9. In case I haven't gotten it across already, I am so happy the snow stuck around a few days for me. I love snow on my birthday, but I can only think of one other time (if my memory is right, and it usually is) in Boise that I had snow on my birthday. I think that is ridiculous. I, however, always had snow for it in while living in Moscow.
  10. I miss living up North. I'd love to live in Northern Idaho again. My ultimate dream would be to settle down in BC, though. I'm just really obsessed with Canada. It's silly. Let me live in you.

Those were really random; I just went with the flow. Don't think I'm crazy, please.
Happy Birthday to myself. Thanks for being lovely and here and reading this and all those good things I love you for.
xx Emorie