Tiny Inspired Work Space

As I previously mentioned, we recently upgraded our two sad old computers for one that is brand new and shiny. I've been sitting pretty with a macbook air for a few days now and couldn't be happier about it. Once we got everything transitioned over to the new computer (thanks time machine)  and everything was all set up, I couldn't help but also want to update my work area.

I call this space my corner office, when really most of the time spent here is used to look at cats on tumblr. But because it's also where I do all the work for this little blog, I like having a space that feels fresh and inspired. And it definitely needed a change. This little corner of our bedroom has always felt cramped to me. Turning the tv cart (that serves as my desk) at an angle made all the difference. I also built a make shift stand for the tv/second monitor, to add space and depth. My favorite part about this little update in that I managed it all with things we already owned, and every functional and decorative piece has a story.

This tv cart we originally used to house an aquarium on top, storing all the aquarium tools below in the cabinets. The aquarium didn't make the transition with us into our current home though, and I decided to use it as a desk (since our room was already short on space). It was a second hand store find, too! Other vintage pieces include the Japanese tea cups that store my pens, pencils, and paint brushes as well as the mini loaf pans I dug from the depths of a kitchen cabinet to use as additional storage. They are perfect for holding all our USB cords and look nice and clean. Before I only had the map and hats hanging, but I decided this corner now needed something extra. I put a bit of my ever growing feather collection to use, which I think adds a lovely touch under a little collection of art prints, drawings, and old special photos. I may change this wall up as my mood permits, but for now I am loving the feel of it.

Do you change your work area often to feel inspired?

Just one more thing: Jessica of Life Laid Bear featured me on her blog today. Head over there and check out her cute pups and lovely blog and see my answers to some fun questions!

*Art prints by Ruben Ireland, Dima Rebus, and Ani Castillo. Desktop background by Oana Befort.