October Wishlist: Cold Weather Casual

first outfit: jacket / sweater / pants / boots
second outfit: sweater / dress / belt / loafers / tights
Everyone is well aware of how much I love cold weather. I am so happy that it is here to stay for a good while. I'm already excited for halloween and the holidays to follow as well. Fall and Winter (winter especially), of all the seasons, seem to have a bit of magic to them. I think it's the crisp air and how the world becomes entirely different.

I have very few summer clothes, so it is very exciting when the weather cools down each year as I finally have a full wardrobe to play around with again. I love to layer things in new ways; I've already made a whole bunch of new outfit combinations this year. I've had this cute, simple polka dot dress for years (since the 9th grade!) but have only recently paired it with a pullover sweater. The result is cute, with the little collar popping out, but still comfy and cozy. I love sweaters over dresses, it creates a rather lovely laid back feminine feel that I adore.

This is my favorite time of year for shopping, naturally, as it is my favorite season for clothes and weather. So, I've been avoiding stores for I know I'd be too tempted to buy more than I need. Will and I just purchased a new computer (IT IS SO NICE ERMAHGERD) and I am the lucky owner of a new iPhone. So, you know, I won't be spending money for awhile. But I'm still browsing online on occasion and dreaming of new sweaters (I really don't need anymore, though).

Have you added anything fun to your wardrobe yet now that it's full on Fall?