Goals for October

October things (so far): Scout in a sea of blankets / extra heat while I work / homemade tomato soup / Pippin in the rain 

My goals for this month are rather simple and the list is shorter than usual. A few of these goals have been on my list for the past two months but I think that is just fine. Some times things just need more attention then usual. I'm loving this month so far and I'm about to love it even more as I'm leaving for a little camping trip in a few hours. Everyone needs an escape once in awhile, and I yearn for one more often than not. I've been feeling rather productive lately and a break will be appreciated. I hope to continue that productivity though, especially in regards to content I put here, for I have lots of ideas swarming in my head.

Goals for October:

1. Enjoy the weather. This is easy for me to do this time of year, but I'm putting it here anyway as it is also the time of year that I want nothing more than a cozy book in bed with a side of tea. I need to make time for both. Once the leaves start to change everything will be so magical and I don't want to miss it. Photo shoots galore!

2. Craft away. As I mentioned in my September list, my creativity has been on such a high lately. I don't want it to stop. I need to start organizing more time to devote purely for allowing myself to create. I have high hopes for my Halloween costume this year, and Christmas gifts are going to start accumulating in mass. There are few things I love more than making gifts for people, so I better start early, right?

3. Plan and execute. Although my creativity has been through the roof, I must admit that I let the majority of the ideas I have go undone. I've also been scheming about a lot of post I want to write and a few changes (good ones) I want to make around here. I think a lot of the time I get overwhelmed by the amount of things I want, and as a result do none of them. It's time that I make these ideas reality, though. Perhaps I should break them down and add them to my schedule slowly.

4. Read. I know, I know, I just said I've been tempted to do nothing by lay in bed with a book when really I should be getting outside. But I must admit that isn't too bad a craving. I just need to prioritize my time better, because there is so much I want to read it is maddening.

I hope your October is going well so far and that it continues to do so. Eat all the pumpkin flavored things! I'll see you lovelies on Monday.