Fish Creek, Idaho

This weekend was absolutely wonderful and relaxing. Thursday afternoon we made the journey up north to Fish Creek to spend a few days among the trees. As many of you know, Will works for Fish and Game. This was our incentive to make the 6 hour drive there; Will was filling in for someone at the fish trap up there. Although I would take that drive (granted I'm always the passenger) any day, it is especially lovely this time of year with the fall colors appearing, deer roaming, and rain pouring.

We arrived around 8:00 PM Thursday, meaning it was already pitch black night and nothing but stars. We parked the car and made camp in the back of it (the other guy working there was already down for the night) under layers of blankets to keep out the cold. We woke early the next morning and I had time to myself to explore the area while Will helped with the trap. Little did I know that Will actually didn't have much to do up here, as far as work goes. Basically, they just need an extra person there in case it rains and the trap gets flushed with a lot of fish. I guess just two days before we arrived there was near 2000 fish one morning. That is a lot! The most we saw was around 80. We helped with other duties where we could.

Regardless, this weekend was a great getaway. I sure missed northern Idaho. It is a completely different world up there. The forest is denser, the mountains larger, the rivers colder, and everything seems a bit magical. Although I grew up in Boise and call it home again right now, northern Idaho will always feel more like home to me. And it isn't just one place up there, I feel a little bit of myself is every tiny old town. There is so much character there; it is damp, green, and a bit rundown.

And it was so cold, so so butt cold while we where there. I don't think it got much below freezing, but between the wind and being near the water and under the trees the air had quite a bite to it. I was packed in tight below layers of thermals, a sweater, a sweatshirt, a down jacket,  and a wool coat. I was glad to have brought multiple layers of wool socks too, although lacing up my hiking boots was a bit difficult. I spent each morning huddled next to a wood stove (they had placed in their work tent) sipping on coffee and petting the dogs. We ended each night with a fire and a warm meal.

Most of my time up there was spent snuggled up with one of the four pups they had up there and reading my book. And lots of exploring. I am so spoiled to be able to tag along on trips like this and have so much time to relax outdoors. I feel at home and myself in the trees and I'm sure they'll be calling my name again soon.