Sawtooth Trip Day 3: Hiking Out

Our last day was simple and maybe a bit less eventful than the other two. We woke early to another beautifully calm morning and leisurely enjoyed our last bit of time at this spot. I made us breakfast while Will threw his line in one last time. We weren't in a rush, but we wanted to leave fairly early, as it would take us a couple hours to hike out and then 3 more to drive home. We took our time packing everything up and adjusting gear. Pippin was adorable, as per usual, and stood guard of camp faithfully as we got things ready to go. I was glad to have packed my Chacos, as I ended up wearing them for the hike out (with socks). There was no way I was putting those boots on again. I want to thank high school lacrosse and cheap cleats with no arch support for teaching me how to properly wrap my feet. That SAVED me on the hike out. I think the hike out was probably 5 times faster than the hike in, thanks to my feet actually being able to function. It was perfectly cloudy and breezy and it was nice to take the same route and notice entirely different things the second time.

We're already hoping to get out and backpack again. This is the perfect time around here for it, with the summer heat slowly leaving and the real Idaho cold not yet here. And perhaps we'll even do this trail again . . . but this time in it's entirety.

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