Backpacking Day 2: Farley Lake

We made the decision pretty early (like right when we found this spot) that we were going to camp at Farley Lake for more than one night. It was just too pretty to pass up. And it was evident that we were no going to be able to continue the loop, with not making it far enough in the first day (having only 3 days allotted for this trip). Thanks boots. Our second day in was spent relaxing and exploring. We woke early with the sunrise and Will didn't waste anytime getting a line out in the calm water while I made us breakfast. Pippin enjoyed warming up in the morning sun after a chilly night. That silly little dog slept the whole night curled up completely in my sleeping bag, all the way down by my feet. He normally can't even stand being covered by a blanket. I was so paranoid all night and kept having to check that he was breathing (because he never makes any noise).

Most of the morning and afternoon was spent simply enjoying each other's company and enjoying being out in the beautiful wilderness. We even all enjoyed a sunbathing session, though Pippin mostly lounged in the shade. It was all lovely lovely lovely.

Late in the afternoon I retreated back into the tent for a nap, having not slept well the night before thanks to Pippin paranoia and an achey body and also because I was feeling a little drained after laying in the sun (oops). While I napped Pippin got to go on a walk with Will. I was jealous. I woke feeling better and made us all peanut noodles for dinner.

Another group set up camp a little ways from us that night and they had a large dog they were letting roam all over. If you know Pippin at all, you know he isn't the friendliest to strangers, especially strange dogs. He is just shy and little and it doesn't come off well. We're working on it. He was so good, though, and didn't try to run off after it and didn't bark at all. But he was so paranoid all night. We snuggled and watched Will fish some more and that helped a little bit. The sunset this night was so breathtaking, slowly coloring the tips of the mountains pink and then the whole sky. It had been windy and cloudy during the day, but it cleared out completely as the sun set and all the stars came out for us again.

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