Goals for September

Just some simple reminders and small things I need to work on to get me through the month of September. I love this time of year; as the world outside goes through a rebirth of sorts, I too welcome change in the Fall. It's a great time to shed some weight (figuratively) and simplify, really evaluating what it is that I consider a priority. You'll notice a few of these goals are carried over from my August list. They obviously still need to be worked on.

Oh, just a cool dragonfly Will found in the front yard.

Goals for September

1. Get outside as much as possible. It is cooling off already and that is as good enough an excuse as any to be outside. I want to take full advantage of nicer weather as much as I can before the winter cold sets in. Especially once those Fall colors start showing up, I'll be living outside then.

2. Plan out meals/eat better. Lately I've been considering brown rice crackers and large amounts of spicy yellow lentil hummus lunch. While delicious, I've been really missing structured meals. I've been craving salad like crazy, if that is any indication to the fact that my eating habits need to change. I've been inspired by this post and that whole blog (Garden of Vegan), actually.

3. Just relax. I'm the type of person that needs large amounts of down time in order to feel sane. My introverted personality and hypersensitivity mean I tire out pretty quickly. We spent a lot of time out and about this past weekend shopping, running errands, helping my sister move, doing fun things, and visiting family. I was burnt out after shopping for an hour the first day of the weekend. I've been really taking it easy since then and spending a lot of time alone and reading. I need to remember it is okay to take breaks or stay home instead; it keeps me feeling balanced.

4. Keep moving. I've noticed (since no longer doing Revolt) that if I try to push myself to exercise or workout that I will keep putting it off, and likely not do it at all. I am much happier simply working exercise into my day in little ways.

5. Show appreciation. It's been really easy to get caught up in everyday stresses lately (thanks, anxiety) and to let those stresses nag and nag at me. One way I am trying to combat this, when it happens, is it to take a step back and a deep breathe and think of something I am grateful for. More times than not, that something is the people in my life I am closest too. I am trying to show appreciation for those people, in little ways, more often.

6. Craft my heart out. I don't know why, but my creativity has been on such a high lately. I've even been getting ideas for what to make as Christmas gifts for a few people. I just want to craft and craft! I need to set aside more time daily to get these ideas out of my head. If they ever become successful, tangible realities, I may share the end results of some of them here.

7. Sleep fuller/enjoy mornings. I am sleeping better than I did the past few weeks, now that Will is home. I'm no longer up all night worry about him sleeping in a little tent smelling of salmon carcasses in the middle of bear country. But I am still feeling rather exhausted. I need to get back to sleeping earlier so I can enjoy mornings and sunset walks in the neighborhood again.