September Wishlist: Fall Anticipation

first outfit: hat / dress / sweater / boots
second outfit: sweater / scarf / shirt / leggings
With all the money spent on new backpacking gear this weekend, it is unlikely that I will be adding anything new to my wardrobe for a while. But it is still a bit fun to window shop, especially with all the Fall clothes now out. And I've been doing some hypothetical outfit planning. Because it has been feeling so extremely almost Fall-like here. This weekend stayed a lot cooler than it has been and we're even getting rain. It was such a lovely rainy morning today. It gave me a great opportunity to test out my new fancy rain jacket, though Scout wasn't too happy about a rainy walk first thing after waking up. Pippin didn't care one bit that he was soaked to the bone. Those two, complete opposites. But, in my defense it wasn't raining when we left and I didn't think it'd come down that hard. You'll be happy to know that my rain jacket works remarkably and I felt guilty for being the only dry one of the bunch.

I am so excited for Fall fashion again. Summer clothes seem so boring to me, as my aim is to always wear as little as comfortably possible in preparation for the balls of sweat I will produce upon simply stepping outside into the heat. I get lazy and bored with summer fashion. Bring me layers. All the glorious layers that I get to don in the crisp cool Fall air. I can't wait for sweaters over dresses, tights with boots, tall socks, hats and scarves.

Are you ready for Fall? I am downing one chia latte after another in anticipation.