30 Days of Truth: Day 2 | Something You Love About Yourself

Two of my favorite pictures of me. The first is from Nov 2011, the second from May of this year.

I've been putting this post off for awhile because I was having a hard time deciding how I should go about writing it. I wasn't sure how I wanted to come off. I could simply pick out one thing I love about myself and elaborate on it extensively, or I could list all the things I love about myself and likely appear self-obsessed to some. But you know what? Fuck that.

I am a very humble person, but you can be humble and also love yourself. It is hard to be body positive in this society that scrutinizes all types of women's bodies, that bombardes us with images of what is pretty, what is sexy, and what is young. I'd like to think that I am pretty comfortable with myself' despite all of this. And I think it is good to know that it is perfectly okay to feel good about yourself. You can say "Damn, I am cute today."  Because you are! Take a selfie of your cute damn self. Don' let anyone tell you otherwise or that you are full of yourself.

But it is a lot easier for me to love myself for so many other qualities before I even consider my appearance. That is important to me. I am extremely proud of the person I continue to become. I am highly critical of myself, as you learned from my response to the first prompt, but I am also extremely confident in who I am and I am damn self-assured in all my opinions/beliefs. I am a walking collection of contradictions in a way I suppose, but I always welcome self improvement and that is something I can love.

I have a huge capacity to care for other people. I always thought I'd become a counselor or therapist, because I love to listen to other's stories, problems, questions, doubts. Although I am probably not the most qualified person to offer someone advice (seeing as I have so many of my own issues), maybe I will end up with a similar career some day. I am a very tender person and I genuinely care about other people, even if they don't know it. I also love that I am a very open-minded person. I had great parents who taught not to judge quickly; I was great at making all different sorts of friends, even at a very young age, because of this. I am open to discussion, always. And I'm not afraid to share my opinion or back it up, but I am always willing to set it aside to see someone else's side of things and I am always willing to change it if I feel it necessary. Which leads me to another thing I really like about myself, my passion for truth and for learning. I consider myself to be on an endless pursuit of knowledge. It says just that on my side bar here because it is something, above all else, that I think defines me and that I love. I'm talking about self-directed learning, simply wanting to know why things are the way they are. And what that means. I also really enjoy challenging myself and trying new things. Some times they work out in my favor (like teaching myself html) and sometimes they don't (like when I tried to teach myself to play guitar). But I'm always learning.

What do you love about yourself? I'd love for you to share with me below :)