A Little Lonely Lately

My absence around here the past few days, I'm sure, hasn't gone unnoticed. You may remember me mentioning that Will was gone on a trip for work last week, so I had lots of time to devout to this blog to keep me busy, and I had every intention of doing so. I had lots of plans concerning things here; projects I wanted to get done, projects I wanted to start, quite a few posts to write, and a small bit of change to make. I perfectly mapped out my schedule for five days to get it all done but in reality, everything seemed so incredibly daunting.

I was so exhausted last week, between not sleeping all weekend thanks to pup-sitting my sister's dog (Pippin and Bo are best friends and like to think it's time to play at 2:00 am), not sleeping thanks to a very sick Pippin Monday and Tuesday, and difficulty sleeping the whole week with Will away. With out sounding like a big old emotional baby mess (but I'm afraid I am going to) it is incredibly hard for me to be away from Will for any amount of time. In fact, before this summer, when he first went out in the field for work two weeks ago, we had never even spent more than a work day's worth of hours apart since we started dating. I am sure that seems pretty crazy to the majority of you. You'd think us even crazier if you knew how soon we moved in together. But that is a story for another time, perhaps.

I felt a bit misplaced, I suppose, last week. Without being even able to call or text (Will is really completely out in the middle of nowhere for 5 solid days) the absence of my love and best friend is shocking and not ignorable. I'd be fine during the day, as we usually spend days apart, but come 4:30/5:00 PM I kept expecting him to show up any minute. Every single day. Despite the fact that I knew he wouldn't be home until late Friday. I spent a lot of time reading through out the day and watching movies on Netfix late at night. And drinking wine, of course.

And then this weekend was a whirlwind. I knew I only had those two days before he had to head back out again (He left for the same trip this morning, again until late Friday. Ugh.), so we tried to soak up every minute together. Even if it was mostly spent running errands, watching Game of Thrones,  and napping cuddly with the puppy. Will found a great patch of huckleberries (a rare treat) while he was out, and as the pictures suggest, brought me back quite a bit. We enjoyed those together this weekend, too. They were so delicious with greek yogurt, and even better in some little griddle cakes (recipe coming soon).

I know it is silly; how terrible I feel when he is away. And I have no idea how couples survive long distance. But I love my crazy, mad, fulfilling love. I'd want it no other way.

And of course, I am behind a bit on quite a few things. If you have emailed me recently, I sincerely apologize. I will get back to you today. I have a feeling this week will be a little easier than the last and I have every intention of keeping you all busy with posts.