Weekend Wears: Lazy Sunday

I've begun to take walks around the neighborhood again recently. Now that is a bit cooler for longer in the mornings and cooler a little sooner in the evenings, I want to get out and stroll with the pups more. I love walks around sunset and feeling the day change to night. And I love that that is happening now earlier and earlier. I've said it before and I'll say it again (and Will heard me say it on several occasions on our walk last night), I am so excited for Fall.

Outfit Details
tank: Forever 21
cardigan: Old Navy (similar)
skirt: hand-me-down, the tag says Blue Plate
walking flats: so so old, I think from Target (similar)

This weekend was full of lots of much needed rest. Will really needed some after backpacking and working all week. I really needed some after not sleeping all week. Sunday we slept in so incredibly longer than usual, enjoyed salmon cream cheese bagels and huckleberry honey feta cakes and coffee for brunch (that combination is perfection), ran some errands, relaxed a lot, enjoyed a thanksgiving style feast with my family, and enjoyed a long walk. Lovely, lazy Sunday.