Jump Creek Again

Monday, in my latest weekend wears post, I mentioned that I tried to get Will and I out a bit this weekend before he left for a work trip. I decided a hike around Jump Creek would be fun, since it was where we took all the pups last time we were watching Bo (my sister's dog). Crazy that that was my first real post on OWM, it seems like forever ago. Last time we hiked here there was such a crowd of people that we skipped hiking the trail into the canyon to view the falls and instead took the longer hike up and around the canyon. So, we woke up early Sunday morning with the hopes of beating other potential hikers out there and also the heat so we could do both trails.

Bo, I think, must have thought we were driving to the boonies to off him because he whined the entire way there (an hour+ drive). I don't know why, but he is slightly terrified of Will. There was nothing we could do, poor pup, so we just turned the music up to save the rest of us from going crazy. Pippin just wanted to nap the whole way and Scout is content so long as he gets to sit near the window. Once we made it there they were all pretty happy to be running around.

We did beat everyone out there, so we had the whole place to ourselves. We took our time exploring and playing around in the water. I was really amused by all the cave drawings I found. This place really is rather beautiful, so it was nice to relax out there for a bit. I tried to got some pictures of the dogs but they were too busy zooming around (especially Scout) to care about stopping for a second to pose, or panicking when we tried to get some pictures of ourselves. They are all excellent photo-bombers, but Bo is pro. That picture of the two of us that I thought was photo-bomb free, did you spot Pippin? I didn't at first. He made it up that rock, too. He is an excellent rock climber.

We unfortunately didn't beat the heat, though. It got so hot so fast, so we only hiked around the lower area. I didn't want to go hiking up any step slopes in that oven, thank you. Those pups tired out quickly, anyway, and they earned a bath after.

Go away, heat, so I can go enjoy the outsides again.