Midweek Favorite Finds

I want to try something new today. I guess it is my blog, and it is pretty freakin' new, so I'll just be trying all the new things. I do what I want. Muahaha. Just roll with it.

Like any normal, introverted homebody, I spend my far share of time browsing the internet and my favorite blogs. And I've had lots of browsing time today between snuggles and tea making sessions; the William is home from work all sick and in bed. I mean, I guarantee I have more time to spend on the internet than you do, any day. And I figure, why not share some cool things with you every so often?

Favorite Finds:

1. Smitten Kitchen shared a recipe on Monday for Lentil and Chickpea Salad with feta and tahini, and oh my. This is right up my alley, flavor wise. My flavor alley?

^image via smitten kitchen^
And it looks so good. I can't stop thinking about it, that's how badly I want to make it. Brb, going to go track down some tahini so I can.

2. As I told you yesterday, I've been getting excited with the prospects of started up a garden this year. I've been reading up, and especially since this house is a rental, I think container gardening is the way to go.
^images here, here, here, and here, via Sunset.com^
Plus, they supposedly have higher yields versus planting straight into the ground. Cha-ching! I do have some gardening experience, we had a garden growing-up and I volunteered for a bit with a great organization in Moscow, backyard harvest. But I've never built a planter box before. Sunset.com has a step by step guide for doing so here. I am excited!

3. Yesterday, The Inspired Room revealed her full kitchen remodel. Oh my god; it is amazing, gorgeous, all those good words!
image via The Inspired Room
Do yourself a favor and go look at the whole post and all the images because it is so lovely. Total dream kitchen, right there.

4. Did I mention I won a giveaway!? For reals. You know those cool blogs that actually have people who read them? Haha.
^images at Modcloth^
A lot of my favorite blogs host giveaways from their sponsors every so often, and I tend to enter when I do see them. Because, why not? And I actually won something. Chelsea, of How I Dwell Now gave away $30 to my favorite online shop, Modcloth, on Jenny Highsmith's blog. I was going to pick out a cute, cheap dress, but ended up getting some things I actually need: these sunglasses and these earrings (remember them from my thrifty thursday?)

That's all for today.
P.S. I already have something exciting planned for a giveaway for when (if I ever) I reach 100 readers for my blog. Get excited! And share the love, maybe? :)