Hello Lovely April

I'm wearing my dresses and Toms and Chacos over here on a regular basis. Goodness, Boise, could you be any lovelier lately? Of course, talk to me again as soon as it gets over 75 degrees. Have I mentioned before how much I hate the heat? Probably. It makes me a big wimp, but I feel it is justified. Thanks rosy paleness and allergies. Anyway, for now I'm enjoying daily walks with the dogs. Today Pippin jumped in the pond and Scout rolled around on a dead fish. Success.

^He loves getting to run off his leash.^
^Taken post fish rolling, pre-Pippin pond time."

Other things I am enjoying thanks to spring weather: beginning to see flowers, all the blooming trees, planning a garden, and watching the dogs lay around in the sun.
Emorie KidderComment