Swimsuit Shopping

I bought a new suit today! Well sort of two. And I know what you're thinking, "Really? Already? You don't even like summer..." But I couldn't resist. I was looking around for some good deals on suits. I've been sporting a plain brown bikini for awhile, and while I plan on keeping that one, I wanted a new one that would fit well and be a little more fun. ASOS has some great deals on swimwear! But you kind of have to dig through the sale section (or select your sizes from their 'refine by' side bar), as you may not be able to find the same top and bottoms in the sizes you need. But you might just luck out. And it's great if you love to mix and match!
I fell in love with these high-waisted bottoms when I saw them, I've wanted high-waisted bottoms forever and the print is so lovely. Since the matching top no longer had my size in stock, I simply found some plain tops I thought would be fun to pair them with. The best part is ASOS has free returns (and free standard shipping), even on their sale items! That takes some of the stress out of buying a swimsuit online, without being able to try it on. Did I mention I got a great deal on all of this?

The bottoms, originally $26.60 I got for $9.98. The black bandeau top, originally $24.94 I got for $12.47. And the white bikini top, origianlly $29.93 I got for $14.13. With free 6-Day shipping, that brought my total to $36.58! For quality pieces, that is a good deal in my book.

I'll let you know how my bottom and tops fit when they arrive. Woot, new suit! (See what I did there?)

What do you think of my pairings!? Do you like the black or the white top better?