Free Printable | Succulent Valentines

In celebration of the new site launching today, and with Valentine's (and Galentine's!) Day this weekend, I wanted to make you something extra special and sweet. 

Of course, since it is Valentine's Day, I'm allowed free reign to pull out all the cheesy and all the puns and all the cute! You may remember that the past two Valentine's Days I got real creative with my food puns. Yes, twice! Because food and love go hand in hand. But after two rounds, I was out of anything clever in the food-related pun department. So this year I'm bringing you some super adorable succulents to confess your love as you so choose! 

If you still want to check out the Junk Food Valentine's or the Puny Food Valentine's of year's past, don't you fret. You can still download both of those valentine sets here.

These are totally ready to go! Just download the file, print, cut out, and use. I'd recommend printing onto some sturdy white cardstock. Write something romantic or clever on the back, if you fancy. If you want to get a tiny bit crafty, like me, you can cut and glue each valentine onto fun, printed cardstock in coordinating colors!

Extra extra bonus points if you also gift your valentine a new succulent plant baby to go with it! Because every one loves new plant babies, right?

aloe you vera much.png

Happy Valentine's Day (and Galentine's Day), cuties!

xx Emorie

* This printable is for personal use only. It may not be used for commercial or promotional purposes without my written consent. Just credit me if you share it elsewhere :) Thank you!