Little Notes Birthday Card | Free Printable

Will's birthday was about a week ago, and we celebrated it simply (but lovely) as per usual. After making the little booklet 25 Reasons Why I Love You instead of a card for Will's birthday last year, I wanted to do something equally as cute and sentimental. What better day do you have to show the person you love just how much you love them — in a cute way — than on their birthday?! You know, in addition to Valentines and anniversaries and any day you feel like it, of course!


I first thought of making a little booklet again, but full of love notes and memorable pictures, like this Love Notes Photo Book. But then I thought of making little envelopes for each love note and the idea took off from there! I thought the result was super cute! But I kept the design really simple, too. I think you could use this card for several people, not just your significant other (as long as you're cool with calling them darling). You can fill the envelopes with whatever you fancy, not just love notes. Like confetti! Or folded pieces of money! Or a gift card (you'd need a bigger envelope....)! You know, birthday type things :)

Get the link to the free template, and see how I made this card, below!



✓ the card template (download to print ➞ here)

✓ the mini envelope stencil (download to print ➞ here)

✓ different colored papers to make the envelopes

✓ a glue stick

✓ masking or washi tape (optional)

✓ scissors

✓ pens, markers, etc. in various colors



1. Print the card template and the envelope stencil

2. Fold the card in half — there is a line down the center on the template to make this easier

3. Cut out the envelope stencil

4. On various colored pieces of paper, trace the envelope stencil

5. Cut out your mini envelopes (6 in total)

6. If desired, draw patterns on some of the envelopes

7. Fold the envelopes and secure the sides — I found it easiest to tape the sides and bottom of the envelopes together (on the inside, so the tape is not seen)

8. Glue the envelopes into place on the card — there are spots designated by rectangles to make this step easier and to get perfect spacing

9. Take your envelope STENCIL and cut the folded bits off (so you have just the rectangle remaining)

10. Use this small rectangle piece as a stencil to cut pieces of paper to slide into the envelopes

11. Fill the envelopes with notes, or whatever you desire

12. If you have difficulty keeping the envelopes closed, use little bits of masking or washi tape to secure them

13. Write a message on the inside of the card, too. and you're good to go!

Happy card making and birthday celebrating!

xx Emorie