The Calm Before

Will took these pictures of me last night, and although they aren't necessarily the most blog worthy (or my best) I really like them. They feel raw and real and reflect the mood and spontaneity of this moment. 


We were finishing up a simple dinner while watching Archer (does anyone else watch Archer? I'm in the third season and can't stopppp!) when I suddenly realized how quickly our view out the windows had changed. It had been a humid, warm, windy and overly sunny day (a little too warm for my liking, at 72 degrees) but suddenly the sky was dark and the wind had picked up significantly. It was simply beautiful out and I somehow talked Will into quickly running up the hillside to get a good look at the city and the incoming storm with me.

This outfit is definitely a result of desperately needing to do laundry; I don't give this dress the amount of wear and attention it deserves. I threw on these sandals because they were right by the door from getting the mail earlier (and my feet got really dirty walking up the hill in these). My hair is styled this way because I haven't washed it all week and it had gotten to a high level of annoyance but I still was determined to go another day without cleaning it; scarves and headbands are my best kept hair secret — it's still too short to pull up so I just cover it! I haven't worn makeup for days (and hey, my face needs some serious exfoliating and moisturizing) but I threw on some tinted chapstick for these pictures. The wind was either throwing my dress around or sucking it around my legs. And Pippin photobombed half of the pictures we took. I love that so many small, messy moments can still add up to something beautiful.


+ dress: Forever 21, last year (similar)

+ crop top: DownEast Basics, two years ago (similar | similar | similar)

+ scarf headband: a gift (similar | similar)

+ ring: a gift

+ earrings:Crafted Locally

+ sandals:Maurices, like 5 years ago

It started to rain while we were out and I still can't get over how fresh it felt up there. It was a much needed moment to step back and reflect for a bit — it was just an added bonus that it was so lovely out. My favorite kind of weather. I spent the rest of my evening curled up with a book and Pippin, under a blanket, with all the windows open. I say curled up with Pippin although he spent most of the night sitting in the windowsill (he's part cat, I swear) sniffing the air and listening to the rain. My favorite kind of evening.

Thank you all for your encouragement, understanding, advice, and support for my post yesterday; it means the world. It was nice to vent. And I'm still fighting, don't you fret.

xx Emorie