Snippets: Spring Things

It's been awhile since I'd shared a snippets post, and my photo album on my iPhone was growing to a ridiculous size. Cleaning out my phone and transferring pictures to my hard drive is always a good time to reflect on little snippets and some favorite moments I'v captured recently. Smart phones are just so great.


Hike after a rain storm (smells heavenly) // My favorite fun, comfy purple tights are required on days that I'm rained in; instant mood booster // Pippin NOT putting up with my selfie attempts // Basil plant as an Easter gift from Will's mama // Another plant baby (this one is peperomia), an Easter gift from my mama  // Thai curry noodle soup is perfect on a cold, rainy day // Sunflower season is kind of my favorite; I've had lots of pretty blossoms on the dining table lately // Tuna pizza (whattt? it was so good) leftovers and a yummy, fresh avocado salad // The foothills are always prettiest in the morning // New favorite beer? Yes please. You can see here that we have indeed had some rain-free days, they've just been sparse lately (I love rain, so I don't mind too much) // Pippin on a rainy night last week, while I was enjoying a book //

Spring has been treating me well, but I've been feeling a little cabin-fever lately thanks to the constant rain. I'm really looking forward to this weekend; I've been living for the weekends lately. It just feels so much better to have Will around the house too. It's been raining ALL week, but we're getting a break from the precipitation tomorrow. We're going to drive up the mountain in the morning (Saturday), in search of some trees and a view. We'll get some good hiking in, too, I'm sure. My legs and my spirits will sure appreciate it.

Hope you have a lovely weekend,

xx Emorie