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It's been almost two months since we moved into our new apartment. What?! Where did March go? Where did April go?  If you've been curious about how it's been going in our new place (I know, you guys just think and wonder about my well-being alllll the time), I'd say it already feels like home. It instantly did, to be honest. I've made some great headway in the decorating department, taking things slowly. I'm the kind of person that will add little touches and pieces to a home one at a time, only once I am completely certain I want the addition, and then I rarely if ever change anything. But the more I settle into this place, the more I realize there are some things I want to upgrade. Is that bad character? Just be happy with what you got, right? Regardless, I think taking time to make your place feel like a an extension of yourself is extremely beneficial. Having an environment in which you can flourish and also feel relaxed (whether you work at home or need a place to unwind after coming home from work) is so important.


1. 4040 Locust Vegan Leather Loveseat | Urban Outfitters

At some point I would love to upgrade our futon to a sofa. As functional and comfortable (hey, I'm sitting on it right now as I write) as it may be, this futon just always looks a frumpy mess no matter what I do. The purple cover I have on the mattress is great, but the futon itself isn't really my style. Now, this cushy vegan leather sofa? Yes please. I love that it is also fitted with a contrast of canvas paneling and finished with the nail-stud trim. Perfection. I think I'd prefer a loveseat in our place over a big sofa (the futon makes it feel a little crowded in here), Will and I don't need more seating than that. The only thing I don't like about this loveseat is it's price. Ouch.

2. Lucy Chair | Urban Outfitters

There is a little windowed alcove in the lofted area of our studio apartment. We use the loft as our bedroom, and I quickly decided that the alcove should be my reading nook. I got a bookcase full of all my favorite classic sci-fi and fantasy series up there, as well as some cheery plants. All I need to finish the space is a comfy chair and perhaps some string lights. I love the color and style of this arm chair and I think it'd be rather lovely in our place.

3. Rustic Wood Slice Chalkboard Sign | Handmade Happiness on Etsy

4. Stay True Print | Hammerpress

5. Abode Well Wall Decor | ModCloth

Since moving in I've been slowly decorating in small ways when I can. I've been DIYing a lot, and using old pieces we had forgotten about in new ways. But there are just a few places that still feel shockingly bare to me. A chalkboard would be perfect in the kitchen, to write cute notes, next to a pretty piece of sagebrush I have hanging. I love this Stay True print from Hammerpress, I'd love it on the wall adjacent to the front door. And these 3D wall mounted prisms, let me tell you, they are exactly what I've been looking for without even knowing they existed. As soon as I saw then I was like, yep, that's what I want on the bare wall above the desk. Crossing my fingers that ModCloth will restock them.

6. Illuminada Swing Arm Desk Lamp | Wayfair

I got a cute mini tabletop lamp for my craft area shortly after moving in (at a steal from Ross!), so I could craft during evening hours. Well, that little lamp was recently transferred to the living area because it's been so rainy and dark during the day. The only overhead lights downstairs (because the ceiling is vaulted) are in the kitchen and above the dining table. My little lamp lights up the corner in the living room perfectly, but now I'd like something else for the craft desk. I like the idea of a clamp on lamp (so it won't take up any tabletop space) and one with an adjustable swinging arm if I really need a spot light when crafting things.

7. When I Grow Up Hanging Planter | ModCloth

How cute, rustic, and whimsical is this?! I'd love to have this out on the patio during the summer stuffed full of herbs, but I think it'd look even cooler inside with houseplants — covering a narrow bare wall near the office area.

8. Factory Side Table | Urban Outfitters

Remember how I said that I moved my little mini tabletop lamp into the living room for some much needed light? Well, it's been balancing on the arm of one of our chairs. A side table is going to be a necessity soon, I think. I'd love to add a bit of color when I add one to the space, a long with functionality. The bottom shelf on this side table would be perfect for stacking magazines.

9. Threshold Harper Metal Patio Garden Bench with Cushions and Outdoor Deep Seating Back Cushion | Target

Absolutely all of my patio/outdoor space inspiration comes from this picture and this picture on my apartment life pinboard. Summer nights would be perfect on a dreamy patio like that. I'd love a little bench with cushions out there against the wall and maybe an outdoor rug, and then I'd keep the rest of the space open for plants and plants and plants. Someday.

10. Spectacled Terra Cotta Plate | Moorea Seal

11. Line as Pattern Planter | Moorea Seal

I should probably not be allowed to ever visit the Moorea Seal online shop; every time I do I'm lusting for pretty jewelry, beautiful and unique hats (and other accessories), lovely wall art and handmade home goods. I love that both this plate and planter have so much character.

12. Made to Order Crochet Round Rug | Baltic Frog on Etsy

One other thing I'm really wanting in our living room, a large rug. Our apartment is pretty open; the kitchen, dining, and living room are all connected (the only doors are to outside, closets, and the bathroom!). I'd love to define the living room space even more than I already have, by putting a simple rug down. A round rug would be perfect contrast, as all the other lines (how the furniture is arranged) are sharp and straight. Our carpet is a pretty soft grey, a rug like this would be just right I think. Baltic Frog makes lots of pretty rugs, if you're looking for one, and they're handmade and can be ordered to special sizes!

13. Silpat | Target and Cookie Sheets | Target and  French Rolling Pin | by Cattails Woodwork on Etsy

A few kitchen tools and essentials I'm wanting to add to my collection. I have an air pan, which is great for pizza but that is about it. Some cookie sheets would be fantastic for baking, as would a silpat. I've heard silpats are amazing. And speaking about pizza (oh, had I moved on from that?), I bake pizza a lot. In fact, I'm making a homemade pizza for dinner tonight. It's probably unhealthy. Whatever. Rolling out pizza doughs would be a hell-of-a-lot easier if I had a rolling pin. This one from Cattails Woodwork is so pretty (so is everything on her Etsy, wow).

xx Emorie