On Pets and Happiness

This may or may not have just been an excuse to share some more pictures of Pippin with you. 


He is always so golden, I don't quite understand it myself. I'm always blown away when I look back at pictures I took of him. Like , I actually captured that. I bottled all your weirdness up and put it in this photograph. Is my dog-mom showing? I took these yesterday afternoon in the 78 degree heat while we took a little break from our hike at the top of Camels Back.

Sometimes I just look down at this little fella curled up on my lap and it doesn't seem real. How can something bring me so much happiness? Sure he can be pretty stinky, and he tries to hump guests sometimes, and he barks at the kind neighbors, and he doesn't eat his nutrabits (okay, inside joke). But I love him and he loves me/maybe has some attachment issues. It is amazing how much happiness this stinky butt brings. I wouldn't trade him and all his weird little quirks for any other pet. Our family feels complete with him around. He's part of the pack.

Hope you're enjoying a lovely, warm day.

xx Emorie

P.s. Why does blogger destroy the quality of my gifs? Ugh.