Jelly Sandal Appreciation

I absolutely love the fact that jelly sandals have made such a come back recently and I'm a little sad that I still haven't gotten my hands on a pair. 

Jellies were a staple in my wardrobe from age 5 to 10; I always had a pink and/or glitter pair. So of course, I am a little predisposed to gushing over all the jelly sandals I've seen popping up. There is some sort of built in reflex when I see jellies, I just turn into one giant heart eyes emoji screaming "GIMME!" Am I the only one freaking out about the fact that jellies are on trend? Jelly Sandals for adults? That's every 90s girly girl kid's dream, right?

1. Melissa Women's Aranha Hits 11 Jelly Sandals - Black Contrast | Coggles

2. Juju Seven Baby Pink Exclusive Flat Jelly Sandal | ASOS

3. FUNKY Gladiator Shoes | ASOS

4. Harley Jelly Sandal In Black | Missguided

5. Totally Jelly Sandal in Clear Sparkle | ModCloth

6. Bettie Jelly Glitter Heeled Sandals in Coral | Missguided

I love all of these pairs, but #1 and #4 are probably my favorite — they seem so classic and an adult twist on the classic jelly shoe, but of course, still jellies and fun. The #2, #3, and #6 pairs are all fun spring colors and more current trendy styles. Lastly, #5 are just a perfectly shameless classic jelly.

What do you think? Will you be wearing jellies this year?

xx Emorie