This Will Have To Do

I've been laughing over these pictures since taking them this morning and just had to share. Pippin and I went out for our normal walk/casual hike in the foothills this morning, and oh goodness it is a beautiful day — rather chilly and terribly windy, but definitely beautiful. I couldn't help getting out on the trails, and Pippin sure doesn't mind when we've got the hills to ourselves. I had my phone on me (I was expecting/hoping for a call), so I decided to try to get a picture of him, when we were standing up on the top of the ridge. He sniffs at the the air so enthusiastically, and looks rather small but majestic with his fur flapping about. Then this happened:


Hahaha! Right when I'd try to take a picture of him he'd either shake out viciously, jump from to side to side of the trail, or try to climb up me. I guess he was a little excited to be out and running free off leash. My next attack plan was to sit and try to get him on my lap for a selfie. Well...


He, of course, just wanted to lick my face. I don't know how I didn't see that one coming. I let him off my lap after that and decided to take a calming rest on that ridge. I love sitting up there and looking down at how small Boise is. It is also a rare treat to have the trails all to ourselves. I snapped one more picture, right before standing up to continue our hike and captured this:


This will have to do. I actually rather like it; I think it captured our spirits this morning perfectly.

I hope I didn't get you too excited, in my post yesterday, by promising a giveaway today. Because unfortunately it has been post-poned until tomorrow. So get excited for a giveaway tomorrow. Again. Please forgive me. Life stuff happens, you know?

xx Emorie