One Year of Oh Whimsical Me

March 19th, huh? I think I've been losing track of my days lately. That, or March has been flying by a little too quickly for my liking. Can everything just slow down for a minute please? Or can we all just unanimously agree to ignore the rest of the week and all it's duties? Let's have a mutual restart/refresh/catch-up, shall we? That sounds good to me. Because, I'll be honest, it is rather difficult to pause even a moment to reflect here with you. But, regardless, I'm here to celebrate!


This week I am celebrating one year of Oh Whimsical Me.  One year ago, I hit publish on my first post and gulped down a mouthful of anxiety and self-doubt. The growth and change I have experienced since then has been more than I ever anticipated.


What began as a simple way to document important memories and moments from my everyday, quickly transformed into a place for me to share my thoughts, passions, and discoveries. I even began participating in outfit posts (something I originally swore off) and began to talk openly about my anxiety and depression. My favorite thing to share here, with you, would be beauty recipes. Because we could all use a good pampering every once in awhile, especially with homemade concoctions. Here's a quick look back at a few of my favorite posts this past year.



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Honey Oat Lotion

Double Berry Smoothie


+ I'm building a new website and playing around with different domains and hosting options. I won't launch the new site until I am absolutely certain that I've got it the way I want (and that it is right). This blog will most likely still be called Oh Whimsical Me, but it will be a part of a larger, more professional site. My blog will always be a main focus and passion of mine. All posts will be transferred over to the new site, and all current urls here will redirect to it. Expect that to happen in a month or longer.

+ With the launch of a new site, I will also be opening up shop. What does that mean? I will offer a wide range of design services to clients, from branding work and logo design to full installation of blog design and templates. I will also be selling some digital art, embroidery art, and other handmade goodies. I am still debating if these shops will be self-hosted on my new site, or if I should simply set-up a Society 6 and Etsy. I'll keep you updated on that front.

+ If you are interested in getting any sort of design service at a super-ultra-disscounted rate and, also in helping me gain experience working with clients (as well as build on my portfolio), you can contact me at; let's hash out ideas!

+ A lot of things are changing around me right now, and I am not able to dedicate the same amount of time to this blog as I had previously. I will continue to focus an quality over quantity. You can expect many more long text posts from me — look for many updates to the Learning Happy and Healthy series, the Inspiring People I've Met Online series, the One Book a Month series, and monthly goals (of course). But there will be lots of fun things, too! I've got more beauty recipes coming your way, a ton of DIYs are in the works, and I have a everyday short hair tutorial series planned.

I'm excited to see where this next year takes both me and my blog. Thank you for reading and sticking around this past year. I really like you. Be sure to come back for a special giveaway tomorrow!

xx Emorie