Loungewear: A Cozy Night In

I recently started linking up with Nicole from Gypsy in Jasper for her What to Wear feature and it was lots of fun! There are so many lovely ladies linking up there every few weeks, be sure to check it out. I had every intention of sitting this linkup out (I've been so sick and so un-photogenic) but when I realized the tutorial I was going to be posting today just wasn't ready, I was pretty excited to see that the linkup prompt was 'Cozy Night In.' This prompt couldn't have come at a better time, although I should probably title my post Cozy Week In if we're keeping things honest around here. I was hit with the flu, and hit hard, so it is easy to assume that loungewear has been my second skin lately.

Regardless of how many days and nights I have spent in lately, this is an outfit I love and that I love wearing. Maybe it's the pattern in the leggings, but it's one of those comfy outfits that makes me feel a little more put together than I really am. It looks nice without trying. Like, I would totally just pull on a pair of boots and a coat and go run some errands in this. If I must. But it is definitely more suited for curling up next to Pippin with a good book and a mug of tea.

Outfit Details
Sweater: Kohl's (similar)
Shirt: Forever 21 (similar)
Leggings: gift
Socks: Old Navy (similar)

Do you see that smile up there? I am feeling 100% better today. Yes, I'm still having the occasional coughing fit, but I'm no longer viewing life from underneath a stack of blankets. Or behind thick heavy googles. The blankets were real, the googles were not. Anyone else feel hazy and strange and unfamiliar when sick? Like you're viewing/experiencing everything from behind a thick veil? Being sick is weird, frustrating, and no fun. I am so happy to be feeling well rested and ready to get back to normal.

Expect a fun/simple DIY tomorrow and a recipe and lots of other things next week!
xx Emorie