Feel Better Inspiration

stay true / airy room / messy bun / yellow skirt / pretty nails / dance / passion 
The past week or so has been pretty hazy from my perspective. I am still sick, and while I am powering through a family size bag of Ricola honey lemon throat drops, I am finally on the mend it seems. I've been having trouble lately finding the energy or inspiration to get much done, so I do apologize that things have been rather quiet and empty on this blog. It is always so frustrating when you have plans and goals but are held back by things out of your control; in this case my physical state and health.

In the meantime, Will has been taking good care of me and I have been taking plenty of care of myself too — in the form of long sleeps, hot showers, tea and yummy soups, lots of reading and netflix, and even a fresh coat of paint on my fingernails. I'm not letting this flu take anymore from me!

I'm pulling inspiration from everywhere I can and looking forward to getting things back to normal around here. I haven't forgotten about you!

Here's to healthy, fresh, airy days ahead.
xx Emorie