Winter Garden aGlow

We decided to continue with the magical feelings of yesterday and headed to the Idaho Botanical Gardens last night for a little date. Winter Garden aGlow is one of my all time favorite festive community offerings and one we sadly often skip out on. Simply talking about going and actually driving down there and paying to walk around in the cold for an evening are two very different things. So, high-five to us for spontaneity (a quality that this pair of introverts can sometimes lack a bit of) and finally doing something we've been talking about all season! The day just felt right and we didn't want to pass that up.

Unknown to us, Monday night is discount night at the gardens so there was quite a crowd. I had pictured the two of us walking around in beautiful winter stillness and quiet enjoying the lights and taking everything in. But the reality was a lot more of — awkwardly trying to get around groups of people taking family photos, kids chasing each other and bumping into us, and listening to screams, crying, and complaints over not getting a cookie. Don't worry though, I still enjoyed myself. The thermos of chocolate coffee Will packed us helped (even if the crowds of people had me wishing I'd put some brandy in it, too).

Those lights were something magical and I'm glad we didn't miss it this year.

How have you been celebrating the season?

xx Emorie